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Arvind (Ed) Patel
9775 Jurupa Rd. Riverside CA 92509
Tel: (909) 376-5454 | Fax: (909) 484-4252

Romik Patel
9775 Jurupa Rd. Riverside CA 92509
Tel: (909) 262-5923 | Fax: (909) 484-4252

We are very proud of our properties and we take pride in the high quality of services we provide our guests. We are known for holding our employees to a high standard of excellence and empowerment in the core values of guest satisfaction, employee retention, accountability and open communication.It is our firm belief that guests must feel important and must be greeted well upon arrival, during their stay and upon departure. Ed operates his businesses based on the philosophy that customer service and satisfaction is the most important ingredient to a business’s success.We truly appreciate your business and THANK YOU for staying with us.We look forward to your return visit.

Agency and Legal Counsel:
Only the parties listed on this page are authorized representatives of our hotels. Unless expressly listed on this page, no other person or company is authorized to speak for, offer the services of, sign any contract or make statements on behalf of A&S Hotels.  Please report any company, person or party claiming to represent A & S Hotels via email to our legal counsel, Mr. Irvine (joshua@irvine-legal.com). Please also direct all other disputes or legal questions to the attention of our legal counsel.

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